Ironfang Invasion

mining the hillsides of your mind

* 21st of Lamashan in the Year 4717, AR


As the dust settles from the battle with possessed tools in the mine entrance you catch your breath feeling the cool moist air in your lungs. The cave is cool and dark as expected but it is far from quiet as you hear scraps of rock on rock, the falling of small rocks down stone walls and low almost inaudible moan…it must be the wind, there must be another entrance.

  • The Afternoon 21st of Lamashan in the Year 4717, AR
    • Cave in
      • the group gathered it self after the fight with the strange rock and tool poltergeists
        • Solba and the other dwarves decided it was best to wait at the entrance
      • As they move forward trying to use DaRoo the quickly realize that something is not right
        • the mine is filled with strange noise, rock grinding and low groaning
        • The map is not correct, as there have been cave ins and many tunnels dug around them
      • As they move deeper with Khadan and Garidan in the lead there is a sudden shift in the ceiling above and cascade of rock comes crashing down
        • Khadan dives forward and Garidan back escaping being buried but getting battered by rocks
        • With a little muscle and some time they are able to clear the path, after inspection DaRoo deems it safe to continue
      • After the collapse the group feels it makes sense to have Qiuyue in the lead to look for more hazards
        • Qiuyue finds something suspicious, the wall it self seems to by shaking almost trembling as they move down a side passage
        • DaRoo moves in and builds a support system to keep it from caving in…but it is strange even after that it seems move slightly
    • Spiders in the chasm
      • The group then comes to a 40 foot wide chasm with old wooden bridge built across it
        • Rigging up some ropes DaRoo starts to cross slowly checking the structural integrity of the bridge
        • Even thought it looks sound the bridge collapse as DaRoo hits the halfway point
        • As the planks crash to the jagged ground below and DaRoo swings hard into the other side several spiders appeared out of thin air and jumped the group
          • One spider jumped out grabbed Tala, who quickly used the power of Cayden Cailean to slip away
          • DaRoo stuck on the other side climbed up all while dealing with strange spider chewing on him
          • Khadan and Garidan burst into action slashing away
          • Qiuyue commanded Mochi to attack and started peppering the spiders with arrows
          • The battle went quick but DaRoo ended up pretty beaten and poisoned
    • Rocks and gas
      • After crossing the bridge it was a short the grpup moved quickly through caves just the entrance to the cave containing the miners came into view the rock wall behind them burst in a rush of gas and another of those terrible twisting massed of rock and tools came crashing down on the party
        • Khadan quickly moved to cut off the creatures advance
        • Garidan catching his breath moved in to bring his glaive to bear
        • DaRoo and Twosidore responded with jolts of electricity
        • The team dealing with the gas quickly came to terms with the poltergiest
    • Saving the Miners
      • As they entered the room the air was filled with an deeply acidic smell, bodies were slumped against the walls, only two of the figures stirred at all as the group entered.
        • A dwarf and human slumped over a small candle burning with soft blue light.
          • Tala quickly organized the group to dart in and grab the two figures pulling them to the cave mount and proceeded to start administering first aid
        • DaRoo curious start to explore the room, finding nothing much left, a few straps and some mining equipment. But he was drawn to the candle and its soft light seemed to keep the acid in the air at bay.
        • Garidan noticing a strange ooze dripping from one of the walls went over to investigate, as he did he heard a faint scratching on the wall behind the stone. He quickly started to smash at the wall to save the how ever was trapped behind the wall.
    • Hatred and pain
      • As Garidan broke through the wall a flood of the caustic ooze flooded over him and grim figure of a dwarven skeleton ravaged by acid stood in front of him. As he prepared the end the things a blast of green fire rushed past him and coalesced into a dwarven figure in the center of the room
        • The burning green figure start chanting and twisting prays to Torag and throwing green fire that seemed to cling and craw over Garidan and Khadan
          • The dwarf now awake gasps “Groornebella” as he sees the burning green burning mass
    • Leaving the mine
  • The Afternoon 22st of Lamashan in the Year 4717, AR
    • Battle of the Ridge Line at Radya’s Hollow
      • getting to the top
      • Raining down Death and Walls of Fire
      • Arrows, Arrows, Arrows
      • Coming of the Carrion Bride
    • Back to Radya’s Hollow
      • On the way back Nibbetz and Voldan startred lobbying to go with the group to Longshadow
      • Decision to keep all but 3 rangers with them, 3 Rangers sent to fort Nunder to make sure the supplies in Radya’s Hollow is taken


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